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Feb 21 Author: Ray White
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To all new members a huge welcome to the Pro clickers world.

Activity is on the rise, however no where near what it should or will be in the near future. Many in the industry feel that a PRO only traffic exchange cannot survive, mainly because of low membership numbers. My feeling is, I’ll take quality over quantity every day.

Working behind the scenes, some very important updates have been made. What this means is that you can now start promoting Pro Click Exchange and earn 50% commission on all new direct referrals. Of course you will also benefit from their activity with not only bonus credits but a percentage of their surfing, depending on which membership you desire.

Please note, due to obvious reasons we no longer award credits for showing your referral page. This only encourages those that would cheat the system placing their links in auto surfs etc. Credits can now only be earned by surfing, referring others or purchasing. Login is now required to surf as well.

We have adjusted the membership fee to $8.99 per year on a subscription basis. In other words any direct referral earns you $4.50. Should your referral decide to upgrade to Master Clicker ($10 per month) you will earn 30% commission as a Professional on a recurring basis each month they continue their subscription.

Upgrading your account to Master Clicker at $10 month has added benefits. 400 credits per month, 1 to 1 surf ratio, 8 second timer, 50% commission on referrals and 50% commission on upgrade subscriptions. In addition you will also earn 20% commission on credit purchases. This has now all been automated.

So what is unique about Pro Click Exchange, other than the fact it has been online since 2003 as a PRO only exchange.

First if you read our terms of service, we do not allow sites that annoy 90% of the traffic exchange users. No Pop-ups, no auto playing audio or video allowed. We have nothing against using audio or video on sites, just not the auto playing variety. In fact we encourage the use of audio and video in appropriate manners.

Professionals use splash or lead capture pages to brand themselves and add to their subscribers list. Using audio and or video on your main sites to inform, teach, or explain your product works very well.

What would attract more members to Pro Click Exchange in your advertising?

All of the above mentioned. As a Pro only exchange, first we eliminate super surfers that have no intention of purchasing anything. They must have a PayPal account and pay the yearly fee to become a member. We offer a 2 to 1 surf ratio, 10 second timer and smooth surfing without annoying interruptions. Only one upgrade at this time for more benefits. AlertPay will be added as soon as we figure out how to set up the IPN to work properly.

You won’t have to surf for hours to have your site seen. Surfing a few sites each day will normally keep your sites with enough credits to be seen on a regular basis. Your credits will not be wasted by cheaters and non professionals, therefore each credit has more value.

Now to make this happen more rapidly, I need your help. We need more sites, text links, and banners in rotation. Plus we need you to login as often as possible and surf a few pages to keep your sites in rotation. Placing your referral links, splash pages, banners (all provided) in your advertising campaigns the membership will grow, therefore more professional eyes seeing your products and services.

As a side note: Speaking as a member for a couple of years, I have found that Pro Click Exchange has had some of the highest click thru rates in banners and text links of any traffic exchanges.

The price point is more than reasonable, the annual subscription equates to 2 1/2 cents per day. So as many would say, certainly not a money grab, but rather a way for potential members to show their commitment as a buyer and serious advertiser.

In the near future we will post training articles related directly to the setup and use of Pro Click Exchange. This way you may direct your referrals to these articles for any and all questions that might arise. Perhaps even potential members as well. We feel that an informed member who uses all Pro Click Exchange offers will be of great value to all and realize much more success with his/her advertising.

More features are in the works and a fix to some of the annoying quirks like having to log back in after entering banners or text links, etc are on the agenda. Please bare with us, these are being worked on as we write this.

Don’t forget to enter your info in the subscribe form upper right, to maintain quick updates when any news is posted here.

Have noticed that many of you are grabbing lots of the winning tickets being rotated randomly for tons of extra credits. Appears that everyone enjoys those little surprises so we will be ramping that up a notch or two through the weekend. Enjoy! Now lets login and do some surfing.

Stay tuned for much more to come.

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  1. Posted by inge 21st February, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    The text is too small.
    Guess more than me won’t even bother to read it.

  2. Posted by Ray White 22nd February, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    Hi inge, you are absolutely correct.

    Sorry for the small print. This will be corrected asap.

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