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Oct 25 Author: Ray White
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We recently added a couple of new features to Pro Click Exchange which we did not announce immediately. First we wanted to test and basically see how it would be perceived without a lot of conversation. It does work great and now it’s time to tell.

Surf Booster is a simple program that allows you to receive three (3) times the normal surf ratio for a specific amount of time. We have also added some Surf Booster moments to the prize pages. There are 1, 2, and 3 minute prizes each member can find in the prize pages while surfing and get the increased 3x surf ratio’s for free.

Members can also purchase surf booster on the Buy Credits page for 1 or 2 hour intervals for a small fee. This allows members to earn much more (3x) the credits based on the starting surf ratio. Works for both free and upgraded members.

Use Commissions, an additional new feature was added to allow members to use their account cash to purchase any and all products provided by Pro Click Exchange. This includes credits, upgrades, start pages, and yes, even Surf Booster. Adjacent to the Paypal and Payza buttons on each product you will now see the “Commissions” button to make the payment if you have ample account cash to cover the purchase.

We hope you enjoy and make use of these new features.

To all of our members, we truly appreciate your support and loyalty.

  • 40 Prizes

    Sep 17 Author: Ray White
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    Today will be a huge promo with four, yes (4) Traffic Exchanges!

    Here at Pro Click Exchange we are going to add a little extra!

  • Triple Credits - 3x the credits you would normally receive for the same price, see Buy Credits Page
  • Pro Power Surf - meaning you will get 50% more credits for each page viewed
  • Now for the 40 Prizes!

    The following prizes will be awarded in each of the 4 exchanges.

  • 1 x $5 & 500 credits
  • 1 x $3 & 300
  • 1 x $2 & 200 credits
  • 3 x $1 & 100 credits
  • 2 x 500 Credits
  • 2 x 500 Banners
  • That’s 10 prizes in each exchange, for a grand total of 40 Prizes! Surf a minimum of 150 pages to be in the drawing at each exchange.

    Surf 150 @ Pro Fat Cat

    Surf 150 @ Soaring4Traffic

    Surf 150 @ 4×4 Hits

    And of course Surf 150 @ Pro Click Exchange

    That’s it, enjoy the day, extra surf credits, triple credit purchases and best of luck in the drawing.

    Hint: It is entirely possible to win in more than one exchange.

    All this is happening on 9.18.2012 server time.

    Tuesday Winners are:

    $5 & 500 credits User # 2198
    $3 & 300 User # 17986
    $2 & 200 credits User # 8624
    $1 & 100 credits User # 1795, 2352, 9274
    500 Credits User # 12171, 13419
    500 Banners User # 2338, 4011

    Thanks for a great day, and congratulations to ALL winners!

  • Triple Credit Sale

    Aug 29 Author: Ray White
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    Today, 8.29.2012 we are running a special on credits. Triple the amount you would normally receive for the same price. Be sure to assign once you purchase, activity is high and we want to see your sites.

    In addition we have also turned on Pro Power Surf which is a 50% increase in your surf ratio until your normal daily surf ratio becomes greater. This ends at midnight so be sure to take advantage now.

    Plus we have also increased the Prize pages with thousands of credits, banner and link impressions.

    Thanks for your support,

    Ray White - Owner/Admin

    Power Surf & Triple Credits

    Jun 13 Author: Ray White
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    All day today, and even right now before midnight on Wednesday, surf ratio’s have been increased by 50%. This will be in effect until midnight Thursday 6.14.2012 server time. (CST)

    In addition for those that do not have the time to surf Pro Click Exchange, purchasing credits just became a sweet deal. There will be special credit packages on the Buy Credits page that give you triple (3x) the credits you would normally receive for the same low price. This will also be in effect until midnight 6.14.2012, don’t miss out.

    Extra triple credits are given automatically at the time of purchase, no waiting.

  • April 28th Saturday Prizes

    Apr 28 Author: Ray White
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    Today we are back and teamed up with two of the tried and tested originals. Both great exchanges with awesome owners, so lets have some fun today and give away more prizes.

    Here’s where we need to surf:

    Surf @ at Traffic-Splash

    Surf @ Dragon Surf

    Surf @ Pro Click Exchange

    Here’s what you could win…

    1 Winner of $5 + 500 credits
    5 Winners of $2 + 200credits + 200 banners + 200 text
    3 Winners of 500 credits
    3 Winners of 2000 banners
    3 Winners of 2000 texts

    15 prizes in each exchange, 45 total!

    You don’t have to surf at all 3 sites but you really should because you’ll have 3 times as many chances to score a prize package! Plus, it’s possible to win multiple times.

    Also just as a reminder. The surf ratio’s and timer on Pro Click Exchange are unique. If new or not sure, review the Surf Ratio’s here.

    Have a great day.

    Winners in the April 28th promo:

    1 x $5 + 500 credits — Won by: #4605
    5 x $2 + 200 credits + 200 banners +200 text won by: #909, #17093, #3784,#11301, #12171
    3 x 500 credits won by: #5626, #17030, #2198
    3 x 2000 banners won by: #16543, #13468, #11192
    3 x 2000 texts won by: #2162, #17091, #3316

  • April 26th Special

    Apr 26 Author: Ray White
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    Today we are having an unusual 2 way surf promo with Fast Easy Traffic. Yes, just 2 exchanges giving away these awesome prizes.

    1 Winner of $5 + 500 credits (At Each Exchange!)
    5 Winners of $2 + 200credits,200,banners,200text (At Each Exchange!)
    3 Winners of 500 credits (At Each Exchange!)
    3 Winners of 2000 banners (At Each Exchange!)
    3 Winners of 2000 texts (At Each Exchange!)

    Winners in the April 26th promo:
    1 x $5 + 500 credits — Won by: #5438
    5 x $2 + 200 credits + 200 banners +200 text won by: #7610, #14779, #610, #16345, #9581
    3 x 500 credits won by: #10508, #7245, #14779
    3 x 2000 banners won by: #14779, #5858, #16345
    3 x 2000 texts won by: #16786, #2198, #14699, #10596, “note gave 4 instead of 3″

    15 winners in each exchange, 30 total. You can win more than once at each exchange, just find the prize pages as you surf. No minimum no maximum to surf. Be sure to surf both exchanges to double your chances of winning.

    Surf @ Fast Easy Traffic
    Surf @ Pro Click Exchange

    Best of luck to all.

  • April 24th Winners

    Apr 25 Author: Ray White
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    A great day for Pro Click Exchange yesterday, awesome prizes were given and something a little strange happened. We had one member who did a lot of surfing and won several prizes. This is rare but always possible if you continue to surf and find the prize pages.

    We did notice that a few members had chances at the prizes but did not click the link…hmmm, correct that by viewing the pages carefully, pay attention to the sites being displayed and you will surely win some of these great prizes.

    And now, here is the winners list from yesterday….

    1 x $5 + 500 credits — Won by: #7610 zinia2

    5 x $2 + 200 credits + 200 banners +200 text won by:#14963 alanholden76, #14217 yehua, #16786 reddaug17, #17030 hoosier, #14963 alanholden76

    3 x 500 credits won by: #17030 hoosier, #16722 thebest, #10957 brodie1972

    3 x 2000 banners won by: #14963 alanholden76, #16462 jreynolds1, #16722 thebest

    3 x 2000 texts won by: #2198 lbutler, #10199 pamela, #14963 alanholden76

    Congratulations to the winners. We have another promo scheduled for tomorrow the 26th, so stay tuned.

  • Surf Promo 04.24.2012

    Apr 24 Author: Ray White
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    We have decided to start using the Pro Click Exchange blog again to announce our special events and winners of surf promo’s etc. This should make it much easier for members to keep up to date on what’s happening inside. We will of course still be using our Face Book Fanpage to keep all users up to date.

    So to kick this off… We are teamed up with List Surfing & Fast Easy Traffic for yet another fantastic prize give away.

    Today’s prizes are:
    1 x $5 + 500 credits
    5 x $2 + 200 credits + 200 banners +200 text
    3 x 500 credits
    3 x 2000 banners
    3 x 2000 texts

    You could win one of the above prizes here and/or at each exchange, yes you could win at more than one.

    No minimum to surf and you don’t even have to surf all three but of course it greatly increases your chances if you do.

    Winners will be announced below this post tomorrow. Have a great day!

    ProClickExchange New Feature

    Dec 01 Author: Ray White
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    A project we have wanted to add since changing to the new script and re-launching Pro Click Exchange is now active.  We have always felt that HTML login bonus offers are effective on sites that have enough traffic flow to make it worth while.

    While most sites including traffic exchanges have bonus login offers displayed, normally they belong to the owner or admin of these sites. It has been my desire to make it available for members. While it may seem like an easy process, the issue has been that many members may not have HTML knowledge. Nor did we want it to be difficult for anyone no matter the experience to add their offer.

    Of course other issues included a method of rotating login offers so that all members would share in traffic views. All issues have been resolved thanks to our awesome programmer.

    The new feature to allow members to add a login bonus offer to rotate on Pro Click Exchange’s login page and various other pages within the members area is now live.

    In order to ensure user friendliness, we have incorporated as the source to create login offers because of it’s ease of use, professional design, and easily generated graphic login bonus offers without requiring html knowledge or other technical requirements.

    To limit the number of offers, we have made this available to only our CEO upgraded members. An additional free option that does not require traffic credits or purchases. Each CEO upgraded member is allowed one login bonus offer with the option to change it at any time or as many times as they desire.

    It is now live and functional… members may login and take advantage immediately!

    Pro Click Exchange New Version

    Sep 23 Author: Ray White
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    Several months ago, Pro Click Exchange was destined for destruction, lack of participation, lack of new members, and certainly not a major player in traffic exchanges on the net. After long consideration and difficult decisions, we decided to change everything.  The options were, either shut it down or create something special.

    We felt a deep obligation to the few loyal members who had been with Pro Click Exchange from the very beginning, so our only option was to make it worth something for their efforts and long term support.

    Through our experience over the last few years of using and owning a traffic exchange, we had some ideas we wanted to put in place that would create a more result oriented traffic exchange and one that members would enjoy using.

    Our main objective was to make the system easy to use, easy to read, simple instructions, larger font, details on each page, easy to surf and to maintain an uncluttered professional looking site all would enjoy using.

    After several months of discussion, a few months of programming,  and a month of planning the new script changeover, all was complete. I am now happy to report that Pro Click Exchange has now been on the new script for about 35 days as of this writing.  Member feed back has been positive, more new members have joined in the past 30 days than in the past 2 years before.

    That is with just members promoting without the help of JV partners, guru’s or online marketers with huge lists of subscribers.  Members only promoting and mainly using traffic exchanges to do so.  Just think if we had invited JV’s to promote. We could have gotten even better results but felt the members of PCE deserved more and less competition.

    A few of the differences incorporated into the new script…

    Surf bar remains in one place at the bottom of the screen, member banner in the middle, enlarged member text link to the right of the banner. Members receive banner and link impressions when clicking them, results are your banners and text links are clicked at a higher percentage than on other exchanges.

    Many of the normal stats you see on a surf bar are now hidden, however still available using links below the member banner with a drop down menu.  Ease of use in reporting sites, banners or text links, all with one link.

    Surfing is rewarded… each 20 sites surfed by members the surf ratio increases and the timer decreases up to max of 60 sites viewed.  Ratio and timer remain constant from that point on for the remainder of the day server time.

    Upgrades are inexpensive yet have major rewards while surfing, referring new members and earning commissions.

    Assigning credits is simplified with a quick assign mod to distribute credits quickly, applies to banner and text impressions also.

    Adding/Editing Sites is done on one page, instructions on the top of the page for ease of use, site listings are formatted to show name, stats, current status and other useful info for members sites.

    Site Rotator for members is provided that will rotate all their current active sites, banners, and text links, plus include their referral url to promote Pro Click Exchange.

    Member testimonials can be added by the member including their favorite site url to be rotated on the main member page of PCE.

    These are just a few of the new script enhancements with many more to come in the future.  We value each members comments and recommendations as we develop this site further.  With the help of members we feel that when we say “Pro Click Exchange” the emphasis is on the word PRO. Results do matter, that is our ultimate goal.

    Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below. We do listen and pay close attention to members needs!