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Dec 01 Author: Ray White
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A project we have wanted to add since changing to the new script and re-launching Pro Click Exchange is now active.  We have always felt that HTML login bonus offers are effective on sites that have enough traffic flow to make it worth while.

While most sites including traffic exchanges have bonus login offers displayed, normally they belong to the owner or admin of these sites. It has been my desire to make it available for members. While it may seem like an easy process, the issue has been that many members may not have HTML knowledge. Nor did we want it to be difficult for anyone no matter the experience to add their offer.

Of course other issues included a method of rotating login offers so that all members would share in traffic views. All issues have been resolved thanks to our awesome programmer.

The new feature to allow members to add a login bonus offer to rotate on Pro Click Exchange’s login page and various other pages within the members area is now live.

In order to ensure user friendliness, we have incorporated as the source to create login offers because of it’s ease of use, professional design, and easily generated graphic login bonus offers without requiring html knowledge or other technical requirements.

To limit the number of offers, we have made this available to only our CEO upgraded members. An additional free option that does not require traffic credits or purchases. Each CEO upgraded member is allowed one login bonus offer with the option to change it at any time or as many times as they desire.

It is now live and functional… members may login and take advantage immediately!

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