Sep 23 Author: Ray White

Advertising on the internet requires consistency and freshness, especially using traffic exchanges.  AdKreator, the online resource for making this happen is long over due. With adkreator there is no software download needed, no hosting required, and no specials skills to create professional looking splash pages, banners, buttons, lead capture pages and or squeeze pages.

More importantly, finding a professional graphics artist that has the time to work with you has become quite a task. Not to mention, when you do the cost to keep those pages fresh and updated.  Some examples below:

New Splash page… average price $50
New Banner … average price $10
New HTML Login offer … average price $15
New Lead capture page… average price $50
Website and Hosting monthly … ???  … variations here… plus upkeep and maintenance.

Well you get the idea…now how about … Finding a graphics designer with time..near impossible. Getting the exact design you want… frustrating. Need to change, test your advertising splash pages and banners… absolutely a must! is truly the answer to all your prayers!

No need to find a graphics designer, you can do it yourself professionally …yes you can, it’s super simple!  No need for server and hosting account, adkreator  provides that for you!

Create a splash page in 10 minutes…you saved $50 and a lot of frustration.  Create a banner in 10 minutes or less, you saved  another $10 at least.  Create a lead capture page, another $50 saved instantly.  Just creating one of each, approximately 30 minutes  total, you just saved over $110, not including the hosting costs and frustration without the use of AdKreator.

That’s just one of each, no limitations on how many you can create or how often you want to tweak and change. Your desire is the ONLY limitation…  Use the hundreds of provided templates and art  work to create professionally designed advertising, whenever you need it!

Templates designed by a Pro and well known graphic artist, Justin Ledvina, Shark Frenzy Graphics fame.  Kreate your own splash pages, banners, buttons, peel ads, login offers, and squeeze pages any time day or night.

Get the Idea…adKreator is PRICELESS!  Test it for yourself, grab it now, put your advertising in high gear, always keep it fresh.  Warning is also additive,  but the only side effect is better results with your online advertising.

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