Less IS More - What?!?

Jan 11 Author: Fran Klasinski
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Like most traffic seeking marketers, I am busy surfing Traffic Exchanges, not just for credits, but to see what is being offered out there for my eyes to consider.
What I am seeing has become a negative norm of advertising that needs to be attended to by all serious marketers.
It used to be typos that caught [...]

Unique New Programs

Jul 17 Author: Ray White
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Today has been nothing less than exciting. Two brand new programs launched today, both of which are very unique and great additions to our online advertising needs.
As you saw from the previous post, Sunny talked me into joining Twitter. This is a pretty cool way to communicate what you are doing in real time, right [...]

Do you Twitter?

Jul 17 Author: Sunny Suggs
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Can you believe it? Ray White is finally now Twittering. He’s gonna have a ball.. he just doesn’t know it yet.
Are you Twittering? Do you know what it is? Well, run over to Twitter.com and sign up. I’ll wait.
Okay… then go to http://twitter.com/sunnys123 and follow me! [...]

List Building Simplified

Jun 28 Author: Ray White
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While there are many valid opinions on how best to build an internet business, list building has been my most recommended.
If you concentrate on building your list, it really doesn’t matter what unique niche your online business is concentrated in. This especially includes affiliate programs.
If you’ve been online for any length of time and or [...]