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May 16 Author: Ray White
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As you know, branding an e-book has always been a task that takes time and effort, not to mention the necessity of owning your own website to deliver it. That just got so much easier for members of Pro Click Exchange.

You can now brand your copy of Pro Click Exchange Introduction without downloading a zip file or uploading the graphics and branded copy of your book to your own website. Now it’s possible to deliver your branded copy of the e-book with one single link, much like an affiliate link for other programs.

This has been made possible through a joint venture with Power Surf Central. a joint venture between Paula Zuehlke and myself, Ray White.

The purpose for the joint venture was to provide members of both sites extra rewards for doing what they do everyday. Surf both exchanges regularly, remain active, and keep their sites in rotation as all should, 24/7. By providing these extra rewards in advertising credits, we have created a system to give members what they deserve. We discussed and searched for months on how best to achieve this goal.

Our motto is, You deserve it, now we have the system to provide it!

BUT, that was to be only our first step. We have other projects in the works, and tons more working to continually add more benefits for members who want and deserve them, which leads me to this announcement.

Power Surf Central is adding a resource center with an easy way to grab free re-brandable e-books. Not only a resource for the books, but an easy system to re-brand and deliver your branded copy.

Best way to describe this is by demonstrating the delivery page for the Pro Click Exchange Introduction E-Book. Check it out HERE! Notice how you are provided with the download link, no email required. That is my branded copy of the book, delivered with an affiliate url.

That is the exact same page you could use to deliver your branded copy. Got it? No website uploads needed.

Of course if you wanted to use the book as a free gift to gain new subscribers, you could have them subscribe to your list first, then give them your branded link, which would be the above page.

Also note that instructions for rebranding the book are given. In this case to rebrand this book, instructions are given in the book itself and requires membership in Pro Click Exchange to get the details.

Those details are yours now after logging into your account at Pro Click Exchange and clicking on the “Marketing Resources” link. Members should check it out now, see how easy and smooth this operation really is.

Let me know if you have any issues with the links, download, test, and rebrand your copy. Use the contact link or post your results here in comments. Since you are getting the first notification of this process, would like to know your opinions.

And of course, once you have done your branding process and given your link, start advertising it to build your PCE referrals. Read the book to know all the benefits of doing so.

By the way, after the one time process of setting up your branding links, you will find more reports to brand. This is an ongoing project, more will be added later for your benefit. So be sure to keep the login link to get your branded links.

Comments and questions welcome.

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