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Mar 14 Author: Ray White
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Where the Pros go to generate quality traffic and cash! This is our motto/slogan for Pro Click Exchange members.

Now it is time to elaborate on that slogan with a better explanation why it is true.

As a member of Pro Click Exchange you are also an affiliate. As an affiliate you are rewarded for your efforts in referring others. In essence a partner in the growth and vitality of Pro Click Exchange.

All members receive 50% commission for each and every new member you refer. With our new lower price point of $8.99 for membership, this means you are guaranteed $4.50 for each new member.

Unlike free traffic exchanges where your referrals may or may not upgrade or make purchases, Pro Click Exchange requires $8.99 per year membership fee to be a member. You already have the advantage, most of you are grandfathered in as life time members from the old system.

Now, for the next 2 weeks, we want to raise the bar by offering you more for your hard work and commitment.

Refer 3 new members you automatically earn $13.50, plus $3 more will be manually added to your account for a total of $16.50.

Refer 5 new members you automatically earn $22.50 plus $10 more will be manually added to your account for a total of $32.50.

In other words, not a contest. Earn strictly from your own efforts without trying to compete for the top spots.

This will start now and end on March 28th at midnight CST! Refer a minimum of 3 up to 4, get $1 extra added to your account. Refer 5 or more and receive an extra $2 for each new member.

We have provided splash pages, banners, ads on your Promotional Tools page found on your main member area. Grab those to use in your traffic exchange or traditional advertising sites. In my opinion a personal recommendation in your email campaigns, blogs, and or articles is by far the best method of acquiring new members.

Though no one has taken us up on the offer, you can even use the Pro Click Exchange blog to write an article if so desired, then pass out the link to your post in an email or even refer them to this post for comments.

Some points you might want to mention:

Pro Click Exchange:
pays $4.50 for each new referral!
does not allow pop-ups, auto playing audio and or video to ensure smooth non interrupted surfing!
generates quality traffic and cash through professional membership only!
offers a 2 to 1 surf ratio plus 50 credits when joining!
responsive owner that cares and listens to his members!
blog to leave comments and links to your site!
forum for questions or discussions!

All of the above plus more… for only $8.95 per year!

Those are just suggestions, always better to use your own words.

By the way, if you haven’t joined in the forum yet, please drop by when time permits to introduce yourself and start some discussions! This forum was created on another domain and is shared by other programs we currently own and operate. Pro Click Exchange does have its own section.

As always we welcome your comments and suggestions to improve Pro Click Exchange. We value your membership and participation as an affiliate partner and wish you much success with your advertising campaigns.

Look for more rewards in the way of free downloads and bonuses in the near future.

Watch for both credit and cash winning tickets starting now through the weekend. Be sure to login, surf to get your sites in rotation, grab your promotional materials and earn even more cash.

Thats it for today. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Posted by Jef Zimmermann 14th March, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    Minor technicality, but I am guessing this ends at midnight CDT and not CST as we are no longer on standard time.

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