What do I care about text ads?

May 23 Author: Sunny Suggs
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It’s my birthday.. woohoo! and I’ve been thinking alot about banner and text ads. No, neither one has anythng to DO with my birthday, but, I just thought I’d mention it… lol

If you’re like me… you spend a LOT of time surfing. Doing whatever it takes to get your page shown, and noticed. I forget about banners and text ads sometimes. But… banners and text ads make my advertising even more effective. My page can’t be shown to everyone, every time they click, but I can triple that exposure with the banners and texts.

For instance, I use a splash page http://www.gobsofebooks.com/ec37.html in traffic exchanges, to build my list. I have a banner, that has my logo on it, nothing else. Then I use text ads that just say “GOBS of ebooks?!? That way.. people may have seen my page, thought nothing of it, but then when they see the banner a couple of times, it will still make them think about my site. Then, with the text message… with the “unbelievable” GOBS of ebooks?!? it could actually peak their curiosity. I wouldn’t have had all that thought about my page without the other 2 forms of advertising.

People have to see your ad SEVERAL times before they decide to click… you can get that accomplished 3 times faster, with text and banner ads.

Well.. I’ll go finish my birthday now… hope ya’ll have a great weekend!

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