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Apr 30 Author: Sunny Suggs
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I don’t know if ya’ll know me yet… But I’m Sunny. I’m from wonderful wonderful Texas… and extremely proud of it. I’ve been trying my hand at Internet Marketing for about 6 months now… and I’ve not made very much money. But… I will. Not sure WHEN… but.. I will =)

I’m doing aLOT of networking… getting to know people online.. gaining their trust, etc. It’s not easy… cuz I usually put my foot in my mouth… and have on MANY occasions… but, I have stuck around and learned a few things. One of the things that posting in forums has done for me, is that when I google my name (oh, I know you’ve done it too) I show up on a post in a forum. A few months ago, I showed up in the number one spot, when I commented on the Soaring4Traffic Blog. Cool, huh? Hopefully I didn’t say anything stupid.

I’m starting to write a few articles and ebooks now… which is why I decided to post here. I just found an article… that talks ABOUT article writing… (wow… that’s confusing), and it was talkin about outlines, and introductions, and conclusions, and blahblahblah. I guess that’s okay. Well, I’m sure it is. But in a blog, or a forum, where people just need to get to know people, and learn stuff, do I need all that…. structure? I know I’da stopped dead in my tracks if that’s how I started this one.

Now.. I do believe that I need to brainstorm a bit. You know… write down all that junk in my head, and get it not so full. Then kinda organize the thoughts from there. But, otherwise, I just try to write like I talk. That’s why you’ll see “ya’ll” and “cuz” in my writing. As I mentioned before, I’m from Texas. Yes, I CAN spell… sometimes I just prefer not to.

Some of the cooler (in my opinion) articles on article writing are these:
Article Writing Mistakes - 7 To Avoid

by Christopher Knight (wasn’t that one of the actors on the Brady Bunch?)

Write Some Articles!
by David McKenzie

Okay… so what do ya’ll think?

Pleeeease don’t leave me hangin, as the only one who posts here! I’d love to get to know you! (even if you’re not from Texas…)

Sunny Suggs!

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  1. Posted by Marcus 30th April, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    Looks like I get to be the first to comment. I don’t have a lot to say at this time.

    No, I’m not from Texas but I’ve been there.


  2. Posted by John Dilbeck 1st May, 2008 at 9:37 am

    Hi Sunny,

    It sounds like you’re getting off to a great start and learning as you go.

    I’m John Dilbeck and I live in North Carolina, but I’ve been through Texas several times while going to Arizona and back.

    I think that, when writing on blogs and forums, you can be as informal as you want and we’ll get to know you and your personality, but when it comes to writing articles and ebooks, some structure is a good idea. I don’t think you would want the format of your article to detract from the content you worked so hard to write, would you?

    Of course, that’s just my opinion.


    It’s very nice to meet you.

    Act on your dream!


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