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Jun 17 Author: Sunny Suggs
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I recently received a letter from my friend Ray Casey….

Haven’t heard of him? You will.

A long read… but worth it. Here’s what he says…

Like Lambs To the Slaughter/// Wiz Bang For Sale///
Fizz Gig: Lifetimes Answer To Residual Income

“OK!! Open Your Wallets. Sit Down And Read This!” That’s about
the only thing so called Internet Opportunities don’t say.

However that’s pretty much what they mean. You will only
make a fortune if you purchase this Wiz Bang and find others
to buy Wiz Bang and receive 25 times your money back
47 levels deep!

Problem with that is I don’t know how to use a Wiz Bang but
you guys know what you are doing so I will make the Purchase.
Now all I need do with this new beaut Wiz Bang (who knows
what it does) but it will make me rich.

All I have to do is flog it off to 5 people who will refer 5
people who will refer 5 people who will…Phew!! Think
of the money once I get 23,407 downline members my
Wiz Bang will have made me almost $69,000 and it
works because the Guy in the ad says it does and he and 400
others have made a killing from it. Plus It’s “Never Been Seen Before… “

Here’s the amazing thing though you are on the ground floor as
it is to be released in one Month. And you can’t advertise it yet
just get to know your new beaut Wiz Bang (I still Can’t make it work)

How Did It Make 400 others rich if it has not been released???
(Sorry for thinking)

Oh! now you have the Wiz Bang to make Real Money you are
missing out If you don’t get the Fizz Gig only twice as much but
one third the price if you get it now and don’t forget the monthly payments
that you get life for… er…um… ?? Oops residual for life. (Or until we close
or change the rules) Did I write that out loud??? Hope not!!

I know I am being stupid, but any offer you are presented with do not
rush into like I did. My interest was never to get rich but just to make
a living off the Net.

I am not the type to swap and change regularly I worked hard to
make my Wiz Bang, Fizz Gig business work. I only tried a few things
and like a lamb to the slaughter I just followed the crowd up the
gangway into the room and when I was carried out I was fleeced
and my wallet had its throat cut and bled dry.

At last some pressure is off because you found a suc…ummm… referral
to join under you but they only want the free Wiz Bang and not the
Fizz Gig. So you live with it and welcome them encouraging them to
refer offering assistance and they take you up on your offer. Fantastic
you think.

Now I’m getting somewhere and If they don’t upgrade there Wiz
Bang or Purchase the monthly Fizz Gig their new referral will. So
together you find a second level who also loves the free Wiz Bang
and wants help to refer so now your training your free first level to
train your free second level and encouraging everyone to upgrade..
Come on guys I’m bleedin here upgrade already!!! Finally you get
someone to upgrade Yippee!!!

I have 22 free various level downline most of them you found to assist
your first levels and to give depth to your width AND No I am not
selling weight loss!! I am selling the Wiz Bang Concept. For the
upgrade you receive a few dollars because they didn’t take the
monthly Fizz Gig so I still do not get lifetime residual.

My downline numbers 153 that’s the truth mostly in traffic exchanges
in Wiz Bang I now have 31 members 22 first line members I talk to
them regularly assisting when and where I can But Now my time is
getting taken up with my Members leaving me less time to do the
other necessary things so now my family starts to suffer. So Time
And Perseverance is becoming expensive along with the dehydrated
wallet and smoking credit card I see disaster ahead.

At last your lucky or well earned break comes… You refer someone
who upgrades not only that they don’t need your assistance as they
refer two others who refer one each and everyone is a paying member….
For the first month…. Your new member decides this is not for them
so move on taking the rest of your only prosperous downline with
them; they then have the cheek to send the offer to you.

The rest of my hair fell out (finally fleeced) and my wallet died.
(Bled to death) Like a lamb to the slaughter I followed the crowd and
that was the result.

While all this happened to me and I am not saying it happens to
everyone, but please stay with me while we look at what happens
with some types of Internet Marketing.

Generally product based which is great because you are not selling a concept
only; you have a physically tangible product. So others are getting a product
for their money. But your commission is usually peanuts compared to the price
you pay for it upfront.

Some have no commission but rather a payment for bulk quantities. This can
also be good as some rewards are high. Usually you have to have product
on autoship, that means to sustain your level of entry you must have a
standing order of sometimes several hundred dollars a month. For this you
need to rely on your upline to tell you what is popular.

This can create a problem as what is popular in USA may not have the same
following in France, Germany or Australia. You may find your garage
filling up with unsalable product.

Can you see the wool starting to thin??? How’s the Wallet???

The concept works well in the perfect world and for some it works well in this
world too. You not only sell products but also get others to sell the product as
well and also the concept. Some companies have a monthly fee to provide
residual income others use the product to provide the residual much needed
for continued success.

So, you spend half your life on the phone finding others to purchase your
products and concept and 25% marketing on the Internet with the final
25% pushing it to your friends and relatives who eventually get fed up with
you and start hiding when they see you coming.

The downfall I see and have experienced is the Autoship arrangement along
with if you cancel it you loose or can loose your position with in the system.
Sometimes you loose your downline as well. Generally within the contract some
companies say you cannot be involved in another similar type of company as this
is grounds for dismissal (Conflict Of Interest) Friend and family problems.

Continual weekly meetings also meeting times depending where you live,
Referral of members who can’t or won’t refer and still others who could not
sell hot coffee at the north pole to semi naked people for fear of rejection. I
was trying to be funny!!

But the fear of rejection is overwhelming for a vast
majority of people and I can attest to that myself. While I can go door to door
to talk to people and don’t have a problem public speaking either, well a few
nerves to start with but I have spoken to audiences of thousands… I cannot
cold call people on the phone.

I know that’s crazy but it’s the truth as several of you who have spoken
to me at one time or another know. I don’t know why and I don’t understand
it either, but that’s me.

So with fear of rejection sitting inside most people and lazy Internet
marketers who’ll work with you if you do it for them, will stunt
business growth in MLM.

Oh, and there’s more! I’ll let ya see that next week =)

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  1. Posted by ray casey 11th September, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    ah… what they hay r u going off on? who, what and why r u ranting about?

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