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Mar 29 Author: Ray White
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Welcome to all new members!

Just a quick update.

Seems many members did not receive notification of our past week extra referral cash benefits?

Maybe that’s my fault for not reminding you? In either case, we have decided to extend this special referral bonus for another week.

Of course anytime you refer new members to ProClickExchange you are guaranteed commissions. The extra bonus will be extended through April 4th. If you missed the notification, see previous blog post below.

Some of you may have experienced minor issues with being logged out temporarily while surfing. This issue has and is being addressed. Not a problem with the site, moreover issues with our server. Problem will more than likely be resolved before you see this post.

Pro Click Exchange is not a site you need to spend hours surfing to see rewards. It is of course necessary to surf occasionally to build credits for your sites to be seen.

Currently we have many members active without sites in rotation, but have credits in their account. Adding a site is easy, just drop the url in, we will get the approval done asap. That’s it, no need to assign credits, done automatically.

Text links have proven to be very effective as well, many times we run completely out of text links and or banners. When you see this, great opportunity to add some of your own.

Want to earn 50 credits quickly? Simply post a comment on this post with your user ID# included and I will add 50 credits to your account, IF you have a valid site in rotation.

Your comment can be anything about the site, what you like, what you dislike, additions you would like to see, and or experiences you’ve had with the site.

Remember to look for the winning tickets as you surf. Chance to win credits and or cash, randomly. As more members surf, we continue to add more winning tickets in rotation.

Final note, on Monday look for notification of a new traffic exchange launch. Seems lately we have had hundreds of new exchanges come online, but only a rare few are worth the effort.

This one will be, only because of who the owners are. Sworn to keep my mouth shut for now, but Monday you will understand why I say this one will be around for many years.

If you wish to see this as soon as posted, why not subscribe to this blog, form in upper right. Pro Click Exchange members are likely to have an added bonus incentive.

That’s all for today, enjoy the remainder of your weekend and thanks so much for your continued support!

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One comment

  1. Posted by John Dilbeck 30th March, 2008 at 12:32 am

    Hi Ray,

    I just joined Pro Click Exchange a few days ago.

    Now that I’m caught up on some other things that have been taking most of my time, I’m working my way through the Soaring4Traffic traffic exchanges downline builder and I’m joining most of the ones where I’m not a member.

    It will take a couple of weeks to do all this, and I never would have done it except for the surfing console at Soaring4Traffic.

    I’ve been using another site to manage my traffic exchange surfing, but I’ve discovered that the surfing console you provide for free on your Soaring4Traffic exchange is much better and more versatile.

    I haven’t been a member of Pro Click Exchange long enough to really get a good feel for it, but - so far - everything is going as I expected.

    I wouldn’t expect less from something owned and managed by you. Thanks!

    Act on your dream!


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