Viral Marketing

May 31 Author: Ray White
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The dictionary defines viral as an adjective: of, relating to, or caused by a virus. On the Internet, viral marketing is any marketing technique that encourages web site visitors to pass on a marketing message to others.
One of the best examples of viral marketing is the free Hotmail email accounts. Not only […]

What do I care about text ads?

May 23 Author: Sunny Suggs
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It’s my birthday.. woohoo! and I’ve been thinking alot about banner and text ads. No, neither one has anythng to DO with my birthday, but, I just thought I’d mention it… lol
If you’re like me… you spend a LOT of time surfing. Doing whatever it takes to get your page shown, and […]

The most important thing about Internet Marketing?

May 08 Author: Sunny Suggs
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Hi! Sunny here again… I know you’re all thrilled. (that was sarcasm, btw)
Today I was thinking about all the things that are important about Internet Marketing, and for me, I think the MOST important is FOCUS.
Now I’m entirely too ADD to focus on anything for any period of time, which makes Internet […]