Celebration Week

Feb 06 Author: Ray White
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Did you think we had forgotten about this blog? Never, we’ve just begun!

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Okay, its celebration week because today is my birthday. Doesn’t matter the age, just that I made it to another milestone… lol

Not really one to do a lot of celebrating but wanted to give back to you the Pro Click Exchange members for being patient and understanding while we go through this re-organizing and updating phase.

Believe it or not, in the background, we are taking strides to make this an exchange you can take pride in for years to come.

One that will not only offer a professional advertising source, but one to reap profits in the form of cash from as well.

To celebrate my birthday milestone, from now through Sunday the winning tickets can be found twice as often and will be rotating every day.

Hope you enjoy. If ever you have comments, ideas, suggestions, questions, please feel free to use the comment form below. We value your input.

Ray White - Proud New Owner

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Pro Click Exchange Blog Introduction

Jan 18 Author: Ray White
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First a huge thanks to Sean Lowery (MinisiteGraphics.com) for the awesome design and setup done for this blog and of course Pro Click Exchange.

To all members, Welcome to your blog!

My name is Ray White, new and proud owner of ProClickExchange which was purchased from Dan Moses back in late November. Yes, Dan still has many sites, stays very busy, but felt PCE needed more attention that he was able to give it. Although he still offers support when needed.

PCE’s new graphics have been uploaded, but we still have minor script issues being addressed. When complete, notification will be made here. Nothing that will hinder the performance of PCE, just some options needed to do some of the things planned.

Which leads me to explain the main purpose of this blog. To keep members updated with new developments, specials, and status reports on a regular basis. Periodically we will do site reviews, make recommendations, provide training, and just plain offer our opinion.

This will be your news center, plus a place for you to voice your opinion, leave comments and of course a link back to your favorite site url. 

Please note the subscribe form, upper right side panel. Entering your name and email will ensure you receive notifications each time blog is updated. You will only receive email notifications when new posts are made so don’t forget to do that before leaving today, and of course you have the option to unsubscribe anytime.

Until next time, have a successful day!


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