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Oct 25 Author: Ray White
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We recently added a couple of new features to Pro Click Exchange which we did not announce immediately. First we wanted to test and basically see how it would be perceived without a lot of conversation. It does work great and now it’s time to tell.

Surf Booster is a simple program that allows you to receive three (3) times the normal surf ratio for a specific amount of time. We have also added some Surf Booster moments to the prize pages. There are 1, 2, and 3 minute prizes each member can find in the prize pages while surfing and get the increased 3x surf ratio’s for free.

Members can also purchase surf booster on the Buy Credits page for 1 or 2 hour intervals for a small fee. This allows members to earn much more (3x) the credits based on the starting surf ratio. Works for both free and upgraded members.

Use Commissions, an additional new feature was added to allow members to use their account cash to purchase any and all products provided by Pro Click Exchange. This includes credits, upgrades, start pages, and yes, even Surf Booster. Adjacent to the Paypal and Payza buttons on each product you will now see the “Commissions” button to make the payment if you have ample account cash to cover the purchase.

We hope you enjoy and make use of these new features.

To all of our members, we truly appreciate your support and loyalty.

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