April 24th Winners

Apr 25 Author: Ray White
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A great day for Pro Click Exchange yesterday, awesome prizes were given and something a little strange happened. We had one member who did a lot of surfing and won several prizes. This is rare but always possible if you continue to surf and find the prize pages.

We did notice that a few members had chances at the prizes but did not click the link…hmmm, correct that by viewing the pages carefully, pay attention to the sites being displayed and you will surely win some of these great prizes.

And now, here is the winners list from yesterday….

1 x $5 + 500 credits — Won by: #7610 zinia2

5 x $2 + 200 credits + 200 banners +200 text won by:#14963 alanholden76, #14217 yehua, #16786 reddaug17, #17030 hoosier, #14963 alanholden76

3 x 500 credits won by: #17030 hoosier, #16722 thebest, #10957 brodie1972

3 x 2000 banners won by: #14963 alanholden76, #16462 jreynolds1, #16722 thebest

3 x 2000 texts won by: #2198 lbutler, #10199 pamela, #14963 alanholden76

Congratulations to the winners. We have another promo scheduled for tomorrow the 26th, so stay tuned.

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