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Jul 17 Author: Sunny Suggs
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Can you believe it? Ray White is finally now Twittering. He’s gonna have a ball.. he just doesn’t know it yet.

Are you Twittering? Do you know what it is? Well, run over to and sign up. I’ll wait.


Okay… then go to and follow me! Yup.. click on that “follow” button under my adorable picture!

Now.. you’ll get to see EVERYthing I say! I know you’re thrilled.

Check out the other people that I’m following, and who they’re following, and so on. You can click “follow” on any one of them!

A useful tool you’ll need to keep up with this, is called Twhirl. It sits on your desktop, and when somebody “tweets” (that means they say something) it will be shot through the internet at lightening speed (every 5 minutes or so) straight to your desktop! Woohoo!

From Twhirl, you can post comments, too. You can send them to everyone, or speak directly to someone… while everyone sees it, or you can send private messages. withOUT logging onto Twitter!

You can get this at

What do you do with this? Network, silly! Jon Olson, Mike Paetzold, Robert Puddy, Soren… they’re all using it to let people know what’s goin on in their part of the world. They let us know about blog updates, conferences, stuff like that. It’s an AWEsome way to keep up with your downline, or subscribers!

So come follow me! oh, and Ray, too.. lol


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  1. Posted by John Dilbeck 18th July, 2008 at 12:08 am

    Hi Sunny,

    I thought at first this post was from Ray, but now I see that Sunny wrote it.

    I got a notice about this blog posting through twitter as soon as I woke up this morning and launched the Twitterific application on my Mac.

    Similar to Twhirl for PC users, Twitterific is an application for Mac OS X that lets you download tweets from the people you follow and allows you to post your own tweets or reply to others.

    Mac users can get it at:

    I can be followed at:

    I find Twitter to be a very good way to know what’s going on with the people I enjoy following, and it can be very fast way to get the word out.

    Act on your dream!


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