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Jul 30 Author: Gary Goodworth
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When Traffic Era first began, all the TE owners promoted it claiming it was going to be the biggest thing to ever hit the internet.

Pure hype. However, I jumped on the bandwagon and joined and then joined a team…007 Soaring4traffic.

Chatting with team members was and is a great feature of the exchange. One thing I noticed when I first began…some people spend all of their waking time surfing Traffic Era. C’mon get a life. I enjoy surfing too but I like doing other things as well.

Many people joined teams because it was a novelty. The team I am on was a good one at first but then too many members stopped participating. The novelty wore off. The team leader was having to spend too much of his time on Traffic Era and asked someone to take over. That person was me.

Over a span of several months the team has always been in the top 20 teams despite numerous personnel changes and the team is currently stronger than it has ever been.

Here is what I like/don’t like about Traffic Era:

Don’t Like - Too many inactive members. I have 61 referrals and the majority have never surfed. There are numerous teams where none of the members surf. This is not good.

Like - The generosity of credits earned by surfing and the ability to sell those credits to upgrade your membership or help a team member upgrade.

Don’t Like - Members who write nasty blogs about other members and criticize members in chat rooms. This is childish and has no place anywhere. There are unteamed members with fantastic pvs who will not join a team because of backbiting, insults, and gossiping.

Like - If you are smart, you can pay for a platinum membership and sell enough credits for logibucks to upgrade in TS25, Hit Pulse, and Traffic Pods.

Like - My teammates. They are a great group of people.

Don’t Like - The same teams being in the top 5 week after week. All these teams have one thing in common…they have 1 or 2 members who are super sponsors…they attract the best surfers and no one can realistically compete with them. This discourages other teams and they give up.

Like - The ability to earn tokens to trade for credits.

Like - Loyalty points. Upgraded members earn points every month which results in your site being shown when you don’t have credits assigned to them.

Don’t Like - Recruiting. The unteamed member list is basically a list of members with good pvs who don’t want to be a on a team.

Bottom line - Traffic Era is a good TE that needs a major overhaul.

Gary G.

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