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Jul 23 Author: Ray Casey
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Traffic is the single most important ingredient if you hope to be recognized to do anything on the Internet. It doesn’t matter how good you are at at your desired business without traffic (visitors to your site) nothing will happen. It’s been said that there are 3 types of marketers in the world.

There are those who make things happen there are those who watch things happen and all to many, particularly in the world of Internet Marketing, Wonder What Happened.

As for the third group it is generally the case because the face of the internet changes so quickly it becomes very difficult to keep up with and even more so If you are new. Not only does one need to learn the Hows Whats when where who and whys of the net they also must learn to get ahead of the changes and stay their.

This is hard enough even for the experienced marketer let alone for the Newbie. So what can be done? How can one get ahead and establish themselves as a successful Internet Marketer?

The very first thing required to become recognized is summed up in one word and that is…Branding.

Branding or labeling Primarily yourself. By a constant stream of advertising your face and name everywhere and as often as you can. Why? So your potential customers see you realize your authority and learn to trust you.

A good example can be seen in door to door sales, which more often has a very poor success rate. However, contact a good friend who has learned to trust you, as over a period of time you have gotten to know each other and they realise you are an authority on the product your selling.

Generally the sale is made for that reason. That Is Branding. You are branded by your friend as a Trusted authority because they know you over time. That is a must do If we are to be successful on the Internet. We Must Brand Ourselves

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