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Received Payments - Membership type 2 and 4 Subscriptions

This page shows received subscription payments for Membership type 2 and 4 upgrades.
In order to activate a subcription or a subscription recurring payment click the 'ACTIVATE' link in Status column.
For every completed subscription payment you receive - a new row will occur for you to activate by a click.
Alternatively: if you choose 'automatic addition of item' - you do not have to click.

This will go on until a subscription is cancelled by the user or by admin.
Member accounts will be upgraded in accordance with your settings in /settings/membership_type_2.php
If bonus credits are set - that amount of credits will be added to the member account with each activated payment row.

CANCELLATION: A subscription can be CANCELLED either by the buyer or the seller.
When cancellation takes place the row(s) background will turn grey and Status column link change.
In order to RESET the MEMBERSHIP TYPE from 2 to 1, admin must click the 'CANCELLED' link in Status column. The status text will then change to 'DONE - CANCELLATION' and rows may be removed by the 'Remove' option.

Proc Pay_ID Userid/view Ver RIPN Amount Status txn_id date_cancel date_activated subscr_payment Remove
PP7192279XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION3XX52688YF147292G08/06/2008 20:32:5508/06/2008 20:32:55Disabled
PP7182277XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION6XA71775X9542005508/03/2008 13:48:5308/03/2008 13:48:53Disabled
PP7172276XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION5GN46691F7576042408/01/2008 16:35:1708/01/2008 16:35:17Disabled
PP7142275XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION6RN06970XU575914T07/16/2008 13:52:4507/16/2008 13:52:45Disabled
PP7112274XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION45875667A9971054P07/08/2008 23:42:3207/08/2008 23:42:32Disabled
PP7092273XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION0L637250E6563183807/02/2008 22:46:2807/02/2008 22:46:28Disabled
PP7082272XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION3R43935134833580D07/02/2008 14:49:0707/02/2008 14:49:07Disabled
PP7072271XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION8G085612MM166083006/25/2008 02:16:4506/25/2008 04:16:45Disabled
PP7052270XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION4TK67145T0074445V06/21/2008 14:21:2306/21/2008 16:21:23Disabled
PP7042269XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION5SX238413G349682106/21/2008 05:06:4906/21/2008 07:06:49Disabled
PP7022268XX8.99 USDDONE - CANCELLATION1WU46474XB358670X07/07/2008 15:09:4906/08/2008 16:26:3406/08/2008 18:26:34Remove
PP7012267XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION4JL365379K952392D06/03/2008 14:39:5606/03/2008 16:39:56Disabled
PP7002266XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION0CP95331PX935261D05/24/2008 18:52:0805/24/2008 20:52:08Disabled
PP6992265XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION62B3842398976162G05/23/2008 12:51:0205/23/2008 14:51:02Disabled
PP6982264XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION4VV00609X6908042805/15/2008 04:19:5005/15/2008 06:19:50Disabled
PP6972263XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION3Y388446C4138935R04/21/2008 15:42:0604/21/2008 17:42:06Disabled
PP6952262XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION9UP04635AB721264004/15/2008 17:30:3804/15/2008 19:30:38Disabled
PP6942261XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION28886801PS153843604/15/2008 02:56:0504/15/2008 04:56:05Disabled
PP6932260XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION08M38758R2100232504/15/2008 00:05:3704/15/2008 02:05:37Disabled
PP6922259XX8.99 USDDONE - ACTIVATION16E668817A236994F04/14/2008 23:40:1004/15/2008 01:40:10Disabled
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