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Welcome to edit_buy_html.php area

You can easily change the looks/contents of your 'Buy Traffic' page. The 'Buy Traffic' page consists of 8 different 'code objects'.
1) header.php, 2) purchase intoduction html, 3) a purchase headline, 4) purchase items rows, 5) purchase terms and 6) Subscription headline html 7) Subscriptions ending html 8) footer.php

In this area you can edit 5 of these 'code objects' specifically belonging to the 'Buy Traffic' page:
2). Purchase introduction html, 3). Purchase headline and 5). Purchase terms
6) Subscription headline html 7) Subscriptions ending html.

Update or view by clicking the buttons.
If you want to start all over again, an original example html is saved in database tables. Just click 'Resume' buttons.

If you do not want a certain line or text - just erase and submit an empty window.

2). Introduction html:
3). Purchase headline html:

5). Purchase terms html:
6). Subscription headline html:
7). Subscription ending line html:
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