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Create/view offers

ID/Update Textline item_name item_number amount a3 p3 t3 srt src sra curr credits Date Delete
6 500 Credits - $5.50 500 Credits - PCE 500 5.50 - - - - - - USD 500 2008-02-16 X
7 1000 Credits - $10.00 1000 Credits - PCE 1000 10.00 - - - - - - USD 1000 2008-02-12 X
18 New member New Member 1 - 8.99 1 Y 0 1 1 USD - X
20 Master Clicker Upgrade Master Clicker Upgrade 2 - 10.00 30 0 0 1 1 USD - 2008-02-26 X

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Create Single Iitem Offers

>>Goto Create Type 2 Subscriptions form

>>Goto Create Type 4 Subscriptions form

With this form you can create single item purchase offers.
These offers will show up in your 'Buy Traffic' page (file named 'buy.php').

All details in the text fields below are collected from the offer-ID with the lowest number and works as 'default' settings for future offers. You wont have to repetedly fill in the same details with every following new offer.

After creating an offer, preview by clicking 'View buy.php' in menu.
Updating offers: click the hyperlinked offer-ID in ID/Update column.
Fields marked with * are those fields you´re most likely to change with each new offer.

About IPN
Using this script requires your PayPal account is 'IPN enabled'
In order to IPN enable - login to your PayPal account, click 'profile' and then click 'Instant Payment Notification Preferences'.

(Plain text or html) 
>>Look for fontstyles 
business (Paypal email): 
AlertPay email: 
*amount (Price): 
About currency:  If you do not choose USD: you should set your PayPal account to accept any currency automatically. Otherwise you will have to accept payments in other currencies than USD manually in your PayPal account area.
To set acceptance of any currencey: In PayPal account area, click profile 'Payment Receiving Preferences'.

Return URL:
Cancel URL:
Notify IPN URL:
Image looks like:    >>Look for PayPal buttons
Fontstyle:     >> Look for fontstyles (in style.css)
Add item automatically:  You can choose if you want the items to be added automatically upon completed IPN command from PayPal.
If you do not check below you must click the 'Add Credits' or 'Activate' link with each paid item.
If a payment is not 'instant' (like echeck), the payment will always show up as pending before cleared.

  Check if automatic activation

Resume PayPal form details

Some paypal details of importance to "hidden" form fields are saved with the script.
Click the button below if you want to 'Resume' those details.
Details will belong to ID:1 or the ID with the lowest number which you will have to edit further via the Update option.
Details from ID:1 or the ID with the lowest number are being used as defaults when creating new offers.

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