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Jun 28 Author: Ray White
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While there are many valid opinions on how best to build an internet business, list building has been my most recommended.

If you concentrate on building your list, it really doesn’t matter what unique niche your online business is concentrated in. This especially includes affiliate programs.

If you’ve been online for any length of time and or using traffic exchanges, you know that advertising standard affiliate pages can and will show slow to zero results. Why? They are not unique, plus thousands of others are promoting the exact same page.

However, lets think a minute. What if you created a unique splash page, lead capture page and offered to divulge the inside secrets or detailed instructions of how to make money with your particular program? All anyone has to do is provide their name and email address to get all the facts from you.

Let’s say down the road you decide to broaden your niche into more products, or add more affiliate products. What if the program you were promoting all of a sudden disappeared? Hey, it happens all the time, but thats another story entirely.

Point is, if you have been building your list of subscribers, you didn’t lose your list/customers. They are still in your autoresponder and if you’ve built a good relationship with them it would be rather easy to point them in a different direction.

Confessing that for a couple of years, I didn’t embrace this method or truly understand the power it possessed. That changed of course when working for hours each day for maybe 2 years with little to show.

Hopefully this will allow each of you to at least consider the options and value the power of list building. To assist in a little more detail of how its done, tools needed, and ideas thrown in, I’ve created an email series for your review.

This series is aimed at providing the necessary steps to begin your list building system with zero to very little cash investment. We call it List Building Simplified. There are no real secrets revealed, just simple steps needed, ideas for increasing your subscribers and the programs and tools that keep it low cost and effective.

One of the most effective uses for traffic exchange advertising is building your list. By providing this simple email series, my reward would be that your traffic exchange advertising become more effective, your income grows, and therefore you become a more excited and loyal traffic exchange member of my sites.

The email series is provided at no charge. The lesson plans themselves are good training if you watch how each is presented. We also offer you the opportunity to copy this email series to your own autoresponder once completed.

There is no obligation, you can unsubscribe anytime. This is the link for subscribing if you have the desire to embrace the concept of list building to improve your online business. List Building Simplified

That’s all for today. Thanks for being a loyal and active member of Pro Click Exchange. You truly are PROS!

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