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  Userid   1795    (Membership type is 3 "Individual" )  
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  Login   Last login: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 17:50:53 -0400  Member logged in   
  Email address      
  Status   1  Site activated by Admin     
  Join date   Thu, 02 Feb 2006 14:31:40 -0500  
  Rotate / rfact   59 / 18 (rfact must be the same as number of ACTIVE listed websites).
  Visited sites     Last visit date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 18:03:16 -0400   
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  Membership type details   Status   Action
  Membership type   Selected membership type is 3     
  Membership 3 name.      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Add bonus to "Credits left".      Bonus has been added to "Credits left" 40 times. Total: 12000   
  Referrer bonus level 1      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Referrer bonus level 2      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Referrer bonus level 3      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Referrer bonus level 4      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Referrer bonus level 5      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Surf Earning Ratio      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Hits cost      (Cannot be changed).   
  Referral levels   Selected referral levels are: 5     
  Referral earnings level 1      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Referral earnings level 2      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Referral earnings level 3      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Referral earnings level 4      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Referral earnings level 5      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Max number of Websites      (Change Option Enabled).   
  Surf Page settings 1-5: Membership type 3 ()
1). Surfpage Timeout settings
Last updated: 
Choose Surfpage Timeout in whole seconds: 

2).Surfbar height (if banner in surfbar height must be at least 60)
Last updated: 
Choose Surfbar height, normally 17-60: 

3).Surfpage frame type (surfbar at bottom or at top)
Last updated: 
At the moment set to: TOP SURFBAR

4).Maximize Surfpage window (forces full screen views)
Last updated: 
At the moment set to: YES

5).Surf mode (auto, click or click random images)
Last updated: 
At the moment set to: Click Random images surf mode
  Show banners: Membership type 3 ()
1).Where do you want to show banners? (If in Surfbar, height must be set to 60+)
Last updated: 

Option 0 = no banners exposed anywhere
Option 1 = banners exposed in surfbar if height 60+
Option 2 = banners exposed in surfbar if height 60+, +in header top
Option 3 = banners exposed in surfbar if height 60+, +in footer
Option 4 = banners exposed in in header top
Option 5 = banners exposed in in header footer

At the moment set to Option 3: "Banners in surfbar if height 60+, +in footer"

  Banner settings 1-4
1). Access to banner manager, YES/NO
Click 'YES' or 'NO' marked button

At the moment this member has banner manager access.

2). Maximum number of banners, enter whole number.
Recommended: Do not lower the max number or some users may, without deserving, exceed max number.
The software will not delete exceeding banners.
If you lower the max number you will have to remove exceeding banners manually or endure living with the fact that some users exceed settings. Those exceeding will not be able to add more banners without deleting redundant.

Allow user to add up to  banners in banner manager area.

3). Exchange ratio, only whole numbers.
How many banner exposures to get in exchange for each 1 credit.

Recommended: from 5 up to 20 is a reasonable value.

A user get  banner exposures for 1 credit.

4). Minimum amount of credits to assign in order to convert credits into banner exposuers, only whole numbers.
How many credits must a user assign.

Recommended: At least 1 credit.

A user must assign at least  credits in order to convert credits into banner exposures.

Reminder In config.php, set and ftp upload...
$bnoap="1" or "0" to decide if admin approval is required for new banners or not.
$banner_url = ""
$pre_url = ""; //URL If all banner fail
$pre_imgurl = ""; //IMAGE URL If all banner fail

  Ref Id and link details   Status   Action
  Referrer id      
  Surf link
  Referral link
     Add URL
  Target URL   
ID Hits Status URL (Also, opens in Testframe for approval) Delete
16314 41 1;=lbs3p    URL X
16313 41 1;=lbs2p    URL X
16312 41 1;=s4t7&    URL X
16311 41 1;=s4t6&    URL X
16310 41 1;=s4t5&    URL X
16309 40 1;=s4t3&    URL X
16308 41 1;=s4t2&    URL X
16307 41 1;=s4t1&    URL X
16306 41 1;=s4t&m;    URL X
16131 41 1    URL X
16130 41 1    URL X
16128 41 1    URL X
16109 41 1    URL X
15955 41 1    URL X
15919 41 1    URL X
15817 41 1    URL X
15563 41 1    URL X
15306 41 1    URL X
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