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Pro Click Exchange strictly prohibits the use of unsolicited mailings of any kind. Spam tactics will have your account terminated (all referrals and existing credits will be forfeited).

Your surfing sessions must be a full browser window. Any software found to be minimizing the browsers will be cause for immediate termination of your account. This is a traffic exchange, the basic concept of this is to co-operate with other members. Please do not use or endorse this kind of cheat software.

Pro Click Exchange reserves the right to refuse any advertisement and/or website that we feel is inappropriate.

  • Do not submit sites that contain Extreme Adult Content, Pornography, Racial or Hate Issues, Vulgar Language, Illegal content, and Violence. Accounts will be removed.

  • Do not submit HYIP Programs, your account will be deleted.

  • NO Auto Surf Programs, again account removed.

  • No Investment Surfs, account will be deleted.

  • Illegal Gambling sites, account deleted

  • Paid-To-Promote Programs, account deleted.

  • No Paid-To-Click and Paid to Surf Programs, this is a professional site, we do not endorse surfing for pennies, so most of those will be suspended, depends on how the site is setup and promoted. We reserve the right to make the final decision. No debate.

  • Sites with hidden I-frames that try to hide all kinds of abusive stuff, viruses, malware, porn, multiple popups and other things you are trying to hide, do not add those account deleted.

  • No Scam Randomizer Programs, account suspended.

  • No Popups that disrupt surfing, i.e. have to be closed to continue surfing are not allowed.

  • You can submit any program, but if we at Pro Click Exchange feel its inappropriate, its gone.

If any of these types of sites are found in the exchange, Pro Click Exchange has the right to immediately suspend the site, and all credits assigned will be lost forever. Our decision in these matters is final and not subject to debate.

Additionally, websites will NOT be accepted into our network of member sites if they contain the following:

  • A Fly-In Ad More than one (1) pop-up window or covers the surf images.
  • The ability to break out of ProClickExchange frames, big no no.
  • Overall content based on a language other than English, we cannot read it and we reserve the right to do so.
  • Any site that requires additional clicks to view the next site, which includes popups that have to be closed manually.
  • In other words any site that disrupts members surfing and might be harmful is prohibited, end of story.
  • Long story, short explanation, we are a family and member oriented site, if it offends or disrupts, it will be gone.

Now we would like to recommend the following type sites to advertise on Pro Click Exchange and all traffic exchanges:

  • Splash Pages, quick loading 3-5 seconds that grab attention quickly.

  • Fast loading lead capture pages with offers of free downloads, ebooks, software, etc to build your list.

  • Squeeze pages with your name, photo, subscribe form and a good reason for other members to want to know you. Highly recommended.

  • Our recommended resource for building unique splash pages, squeeze pages, banners, etc is one that requires no special skills nor even a website of your own. No excuses use AdKreator.com

  • Standard affiliate pages provided by companies are okay to advertise, but we feel you will not get the results you desire, suggest using one of the recommendations above.

  • If your affiliate site provides several variations of splash pages, try to use one not commonly used, makes you a bit more unique.

  • Test your pages as much as possible, try to use new pages often, keep fresh unique splash pages in rotation.

  • Basically for traffic exchange advertising, a quick loading page that grabs attention will show you best results.

Pro Click Exchange is not responsible for the income claims or promises with sites in rotation. Please research all business opportunities before you join them. Be sure to visit your local Better Business Bureau, and other consumer awareness organizations before you invest any money! You join programs at your own risk.

As a Pro Click Exchange member, you agree to receive discount offers, promotions and informative updates from Pro Click Exchange and Ray White to all email addresses on record.

Members have the right to cancel their Pro Click Exchange membership at any time. All existing referrals and/or credits and future earning potential through our affiliate program will be forfeited at the time of cancellation.

Pro Click Exchange reserves the right to terminate a members account if no activity has occurred for six (6) consecutive months. Any existing cash, credits, or referrals in said account will be forfeited. Pro Click Exchange members are strictly prohibited from artificially accumulating credits to their account through the use of (but not limited to) any device, program, or robot. Members using these type programs may have your information passed on to other traffic exchange owners in an effort to eliminate such illegal activity.

Members using autoresponders, invalid email addresses, or email that bounces back to our server is grounds for account deletion. Each will be reviewed individually for bounced emails. Auto response emails are grounds for immediate deletion. Accounts with numerous email bounces will be suspended until the matter is corrected.

Falsely referring others for the sole purpose of earning bonuses offered is grounds for account deletion. All referrals are validated using criteria to ensure all members are real, valid and show interest in becoming a valued member of our site. No bonuses will be paid for invalid or bogus referrals, period.

Pro Click Exchange discourages the use of rotators. However some rotators are allowed and suggested like PageSwirl.com. The member is totally responsible for the content of the URLs promoted in the rotator. Any rotator found to violate the Terms of Service will be deleted and the member will lose all credits assigned to that rotator. The member also risks losing his or her account, all credits and referrals.

Pro Click Exchange, as well as its administrators, partners, and sponsors, can not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur as a result of using Pro Click Exchange services. Members agree to use said services at their own risk. Members are responsible for any and all aspects of reporting their own affiliate income (for tax purposes, etc.) Until the individual or business reaches an amount of $600 or more within a year. At that time we will require a W-9 Form before paying out any more commissions to the individual or business.

You are solely responsible for the maintenance and payment of any subscription(s) to Pro Click Exchange created by you or your representatives. We do not create or maintain member subscriptions to our services. Only those who have access to your online banking account(s) do.

Cancellation of any subscription(s) will result in the immediate termination of all related accounts, downgraded to free status, regardless of the last successful payment date. Pro Click Exchange shall not be held responsible for services and/or fees lost due to subscription cancellation.

Pro Click Exchange is in no way associated with PayPal.com or AlertPay or any other payment processor, and merely uses them to process payments for such things as membership fees, paid advertising, and purchasing credits.

Furthermore, Pro Click Exchange will not be held responsible or liable for any problems, damages, or losses that may occur with regard to a members direct association with PayPal, AlertPay, (or other payment source)and any other aspects of their account.

Pro Click Exchange reserves the right to change, alter, or add to these terms and conditions as well as discontinue our services at any time.

Member Statement:

I have thoroughly read and understand the Pro Click Exchange terms and conditions. In joining and/or purchasing a Pro Click Exchange membership I am automatically agreeing to said terms and conditions.


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