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01-13-2010 - New referral contest begins. See Contest page for full details. $500 Total Value!
01-04-2010 - Starting at 4PM server time (CST) surf ratio's increased 50% and 2 for 1 credit purchases for the next 24 hours.
12-31-2009 - Happy New Year and many thanks to the awesome members of ProClickExchange. Through your support and efforts, the membership has grown to over 5500 members since 8-22-09! More to come, 2010 will be exciting!
12.11.2009 - 12-31-2009 New referral Contest started. $1 per active referral, plus $100 in cash prizes, see Contest page for rules and details.
11.17.2009 - 11-30-2009 New referral Contest started. $1 per active referral, see Contest page for rules and details.
11.10.2009 - Special surf Promo for free upgrades with Soaring4Traffic & Pro Click Exchange ranked #3 in Traffic Hoopla rankings report.
10.27.2009 - Pro Click Exchange ranked #15 in Traffic Hoopla rankings report.
10.21.2009 - We are giving away thousands of banner impressions today. 10x the amount of sites members view.
08.22.2009 - Pro Click Exchange has changed to new script, new design, keeping the PRO attitude but now free to join. All database info has been updated to the new script.
08.21.2009 - Last day that Pro Click Exchange is a PRO only exchange! - Swoop Down and Seize Your Success!

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Pro Click Exchange where the Pros Advertise

Professional quality traffic! Exclusive Style Site, Banner, & Link Rotator!
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Easy navigation... Unique features and so much more...

Pro Click Exchange!

Once a "Pro" only exchange, now open to free members.

Keeping the PRO attitude of results matter, designed to ensure the purpose of what a traffic exhange has to offer. To advertise your online business and exchange traffic with like minded people.

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Customer Comments

I've been with PCE since the start in 2003 and I like it for its smooth operation and ease of use. It*s on my daily schedule and I seldom miss a day of surfing. The results are good, and as an upgraded member the surf ratio is very good. If I ever need to contact support, the response is swift, to the point, and often humorous. What makes a good program is not only the software, but also the people behind it.

Inge Vabekk



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Ray White Owner/Admin

P.S. Not quite sure yet, read our FAQS page for more info.

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