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by VIP Web Details

Learn Web Design In Plain English

"I started this course back in August. I had committed to two different schools and quit the other one after a month because of bad support and complicated lessons. Also the other instructors were unhelpful, didn't wish to answer questions, didn't respond for days.

Steve's course here is a different story. Not only does he answer questions, he helps a person with web design, looks into questions personally and doesn't just give generic questions or send u to FAQ's. He will pull up your site, investigate the question or problem, and get right back to you posthaste and in terms that you can understand.

I can truthfully say...that I have learned more from this course than anything I have ever studied and have begun to develop an intuitive sense of html, design, and business sense. I had to drop out for several months due to a move and new job. I just recently contacted Steve and asked if I could continue the course...he said "Welcome back!".

This is web training at its very best...and Steve will stay with you long after the course is finished and steer you to other areas of the web for further training. And guess what? I bet it won't be too long until he has an "advanced" course for us to participate in. And I just know...that when he does...we will benefit and learn from it as we are and have this one."

Zach Malott, Arizona

Out of all the testimonials available at Webdesigncourse4u, I think this one best summarizes the quality of the course and the support you will receive.

If you're planning on developing your first site or you're wondering why your current site is just not right, seriously consider getting this course.

Get the FREE HTML Tutorial. This lesson will teach you HTML and demonstrate the quality of the instruction and method of teaching.

At the very least, you'll walk away with a working knowledge of HTML. Even if you decide to stick with your current system or if you genuinely can't afford this course (it's only $67.00, but I know that sometimes $67.00 is $65.00 too much), the HTML tutorial will empower you to effectively manipulate HTML - so you can get what you want.

You'll get lifetime updates to the course at no additional cost. So, when people's expectations become more refined, you'll know what you need to do to meet their expectations.

The course is fully guaranteed. If you don't absolutely love it, you get your money back - 100%, no hassles. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Not a bad deal. Hmmm?

Take a look at Webdesigncourse4u.

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