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Why Should I Advertise With PRO Click Exchange?

The PRO Click Exchange members are among the most dedicated, serious-minded marketers on the Internet. They are interested in quality products and services.

The biggest advantage of advertising with PRO Click Exchange centers on the fact that we sell advertising by the month. Rather than have an ad you paid for suddenly disappear when all the paid impressions are used up, you'll receive the benefit of having your ad constantly in front of targeted viewers a full 30 days at a time.

Your text ads are guaranteed to get incredible exposure before an audience of pre-qualified, targeted webmasters.

Prices here at PRO Click Exchange are really unbeatable! You pay one low monthly fee with no limitation whatsoever to the amount of "views" or "impressions". If you receive a million hits throughout the month, your cost is still the same!

Text Ads: There are several high-priority locations within the PRO Click Exchange membership area that allow for individual member text ads. The advantage of these locations is that the ads are stationary, visible 24 hours, 7 days a week to every PRO Click Exchange member.

If you want to include a small logo with a text ad, I recommend you design the text ad as a banner. "Bannerizing" a text ad will also insure that any particular look you want to maintain will remain intact, no matter what operating system PCE members are using.

Type: Text Ad
Location: Member Details (page where members check their stats, edit info, add URLs, etc.)
(Ad at TOP of page):
1 month - $40
3 months - $100 (save $20)
6 months - $190 (save $50)
(Ad at BOTTOM of page):
1 month - $30
3 months - $75 (save $15)
6 months - $140 (save $40)
Type: Text Ad
Location: Top 25 (page where the most active members are listed)
(Ad at TOP of page):
1 Month - $25
3 Months - $60 (save $15)
6 months - $110 (save $40)
(Ad at BOTTOM of page):
1 month - $15
3 months - $35 (save $10)
6 months - $65 (save $25)